Sofa Cinema

Welcome to my sofa cinema. I don’t get out to the cinema as often as I like, however I am a keen DVD watcher, hence sofa cinema. This isn’t about the current “must see film” at the local multiplex, this is a once a month post about the films I’ve seen recently, mostly that will be on DVD. Don’t expect in-depth plot analysis or character debate, these are my humble opinions. If you’ve seen these I’d love to know your thoughts and would very much like any recommendations, so please add a comment.

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Sofa Cinema is currently in storage for a while. Keep an eye out, it’s gone but not forgotten.
January 2012

1 Response to Sofa Cinema

  1. Ali says:

    I am loving the idea of a Sofa Cinema, I am afraid to say I am a Rom Com girl I know terrible !!!

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